Goldeducation - development of the limitless possibilities of human

Inna Nefedovskaya, distance learning with unlimited possibilities. Seminars. Travel to the holy places and places of power of the planet Earth. Esoteric tours.

In 2010-11. We invite everyone to a new course, which consists of several stages, which will be held at the holy places in different countries


1. Expeditions, Esoteric travel:

1. Esoteric Tour in Spain Here -

2. Esoteric tour in Japan Here -

3. Esoteric tour Emirates on THE NEW YEAR! Here -

5. Spring 2011 - Italy, May - Bulgaria (Rila Monastery, 7 lakes for the healing of the body and much more.

6. June (end) Solstice at Stonehenge in England, 2011.

The tour operator in Kiev: ur.liam|700_kitevs#ur.liam|700_kitevs, tel. 380662171201 Svetlana. Skype: Chiara-TM

For Russia and other tourists:

If you have any directions are pre-recorded and formed the group. All proposals sent by email. address: ur.liam|ksvodefen-iegres#ur.liam|ksvodefen-iegres.Тел. Nefedovskoy Ina 79276798018. Skype: biolazer

2. Comprehensive human development seminars. Inna Nefedovsky's training seminars

Seminar on "Limitless human potential", Disclosure giperresursa brain. Here -

"In the normally developed human brain is 4%, with a genius - at 6-10% in those who develop giperresurs brain, it opens at 20%, and for a certain period of time may be involved in work and up to 30%.
Imagine what can a man whose brain is working at 30 %!"

invited by the organizers to recruit groups of students and conduct seminars in your country and your city!


3. Distance Learning for "Development limitless possibilities of man "

Action!Technology Learning biolazernomu vision (eyes closed) Personal training on Skype! We offer a unique opportunity to apply for an internship course on technology.

For training contact by e-mail: ur.liam|ksvodefen-iegres#ur.liam|ksvodefen-iegres (for Ina) or Skype: biolazer and order

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