Esoteric Tour In Spain

Spain (from 26 September - 7 nights)

Spain - a fearless matador cape waving in front of an enraged bull, temperamental rhythms of Andalusian flamenco and hollow echo in the dungeons of the Inquisition.

Cost of esoteric Tour - 1000 euros. The price includes: accommodation - 7 nights 3 * hotel and breakfast in the archipelago of the Costa Brava, transfer airport-hotel-airport transfers, participation in the expedition, visa support, medical insurance, air travel. Trips paid for separately.

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In Barcelona is the monastery of Montserrat, which holds a statue of the Black
Madonna, the main object of pilgrimage for childless women and couples,
Want to have a baby. It is believed that if to touch the Madonna and
Think about the child - he will soon really be conceived. Also
Is that Madonna is helping to fulfill other desires and requests
You think a man can be desired and
Touching the Black Madonna, it turns! This is a belief.
Waiting for Madonna in Europe, not less than 1 km per day.
Also, after
Visit pilgrimage tour every man's life becomes
More successful, happier, going to solve the most difficult problems in life.
It is well known
Miraculous manifestation of these places, people can strengthen themselves,
Visiting these places of power, opening a new phenomenal
Ability and quality.

Europe - Spain

Esoteric tour "Wishes!"

How to execute their desires, and easily achieve their goals?
Developed a mechanism of "ordering" the desired algorithm and desires on the same line that the result is that whatever you do - you are in any case going to the goal.
The path of the expedition - is learning all purposes Ezo-tour participants, which provide specific measurable results in social life, material world - the growth of success and prosperity, the achievement is quite "tangible" goals and finding the "earthly" happiness as a result of spiritual development, understanding and raising awareness!
Why is the path associated with a visit to "places of power" or holy places?
The spiritual and material - like the two wings of one bird, and if the wings of different lengths and developed differently (or one almost not developed at all) - the bird can not fly!

What you get as a result of esoteric tour in Spain?

• Find your true purpose and to identify false
• Attract luck
• Eliminate obstacles to the goal
• Clearing of internal barriers
• learn life lessons missed
• Use technology wishes come true self
• To eliminate doubts and fears
• Succeeding in the most deplorable conditions
• Completely remove my laziness
• To develop relationships with others

Costa Brava, or Wild Beach - a resort area of Catalonia, stretching for 200 km north of Barcelona, from Blanes to Empuriya Brava near the border with France. It is here that the Romans first landed on the Iberian Peninsula .

Costa Brava Coast

Costa Brava is famous for its stunning fully equipped, holding, along with picturesque rocky areas a significant part of the coast. In the zone of most extensive beaches are well-known tourist destinations like Palamos, Platja D 'Aro, Tossa de Mar, Lloret de Mar and Blanes, with well-developed resort infrastructure and retaining its distinctive national character.

In the summer the town (Blanes, Tossa de Mar and Lloret de Mar) sea coast linked message - among them several times a day ply boats. Ticket price at launch is 3-8 Euro one way, depending on distance. But on the ground can move without problems: walking between the resorts of express buses on the route Tossa de Mar-Lloret de Mar-Barcelona about 7 times a day and a ticket costs about 6 euros.

Blanes, Barcelona and Girona interconnected train. Depart by train with an interval of 30-50 minutes (at night the motion stops), and the ticket price varies depending on the day of the week and is approximately 6 Euro.

In Lloret de Mar, close to the railway station, bus terminal is located, where it is connected to all resort centers coast.

Tourists who choose their place of rest is one of the resort centers coast of Costa Brava (or extending just south of the coast of Costa del Maresme), have an excellent opportunity to see throughout the matchless beauty of ancient and modern Catalonia - one of the wealthiest and most prosperous autonomous regions of Spain.

All the Catalan coast (580 km) has a mild Mediterranean climate, with mild and pleasant temperatures all year. Throughout the coast there are villages with their distinctive specific character, which has an excellent tourist infrastructure.

In Catalonia, so easy to breathe, as if there were no cities, no highways. For nature lovers a paradise: the right is blue clean sea, climb mountains on the left. There are all kinds of European landscapes, from the high places of the peaks of the Pyrenees, covered with eternal ice, to the plains of the mouth of the river Ebro, where the blue lakes, pink flamingos roam. Overgrown forest coastal mountains, small bays between the cliffs and wide golden beaches - all of Catalonia.

And despite the fact that the sandy beaches and blue sea irresistibly attracted to and how to invite to forget about everything else, except for a carefree holiday at the beach, you should definitely spend some time to get acquainted with the history, culture and beautiful nature of this distinctive region.

Here's a brief overview of the most famous cities and landmarks, which are usually visited by tourists in the first place.

Barcelona - capital of Catalonia, a city known worldwide for its unique works of architecture of different times (the Gothic Quarter, the creations of famous masters of modernism, the legendary Sagrada Familia).

Those who once saw Barcelona, will come back again and again to enjoy this wonderful European capital and tirelessly for a walk but its streets, plazas, parks and historic quarter.

Experience the beauty of Barcelona can look at it from a height of 532 m, with the Tibidabo hill overlooking the city from the peninsula opposite Montyuika. At the observation deck you can climb the cable car or on a streamer.


The whole city has lots of museums, churches and other monuments. By the above, you can add the Picasso Museum, the Archaeological Museum, Frederica Marais, the Cathedral of the Holy Family of the architect Gaudi, and his Guell Park and Palace and much more.

Understanding the history and culture of Barcelona's best to start with a walk in the Gothic quarter. This is almost untouched by the old city center with its late medieval ensemble and a labyrinth of winding streets, would have done credit to any European city.

Pearl of the quarter - the Cathedral of Barcelona (la Catedral) with a splendid Gothic façade. Inside the cathedral you can get a little yard-Cloître, which has long lived a flock of white geese, which are kept there so long that nobody knows what they should symbolize.

List all the sights of Barcelona is impossible, almost every house here has its own history and its interesting.

C 24 to 28 September in the city is a traditional festival (Festval of Our Lady of Mercy), followed by the festivities, and during which conducted corrida.

Go to Barcelona, and you find yourself in the resort city of sunny Spain, multinational and bright, with amazing architecture, excellent shopping, wonderful climate, beautiful beaches and a mass of Spanish chic. This is also the gateway to the Costa Brava with its popular resorts of Sitges and Vilanova. Holidays in Barcelona also offers the opportunity to view intricate creations of architect Antonio Gaudi, and a stunning collection of works by Picasso.
Any time is suitable to spend a holiday in Barcelona, with its hot summers and mild winters. The best months to travel to Barcelona from June to September, but those who do not like high temperatures and accumulations of the people, should avoid the height of summer (August).

Holidays in Barcelona is good for all who seek the bright sun, good food, good shopping and interesting sights.
Charming Barcelona delights the eye, its atmosphere combines elegance and sophistication with provincial charm. Exploring its streets, you will find a medieval romanticism of the Gothic Quarter and inspires fear and admiration for the fantastic and sometimes outrageous architecture Art Nouveau Gaudi and his contemporaries.

With the funicular up to Tibidabo, or the cable car to Montjuic breathtaking panorama of the city. Silhouette City stands out as perhaps the most famous creations of Gaudí, is still unfinished church of Sagrada Familia, as well as a huge urban Gothic cathedral. The artistic legacy of Barcelona is one of the most attractive sights of the city, with museums containing extensive collections of works by Picasso and Miro.

Barcelona - it is also a shopping Mecca, where a particular style of the city reflected in its numerous shops and markets that are open until late evening. At sunset opening their doors to many city's bars and restaurants, and night comes into its own. Here you can dine at any time between nine o'clock and midnight, and celebrations in bars and nightclubs continue until early morning.
Barcelona - shopping center popular resort area known as the Costa Brava, the northernmost Mediterranean coastline in Spain, as well as the Costa Dorada to the south. The coast is strewn with popular resort towns, many of whom kept their ancient charm, where you can easily get out of town.

Monastery of Montserrat

Montserrat - Benedictine monastery, built in the 11 th century on top of the mountain with the same name, from a distance attracts attention with its bizarre forms of relief.

There are about eighty monks belonging to the Order of Benedict, who cares about the sanctuary for almost a thousand years. The peculiar beauty of the mountains of Montserrat, the multiplicity of its rocky peaks served as a source of inspiration for many artists, musicians and poets attracted travelers, pilgrims and climbers. On Montserrat, year-round comes a lot of tourists, but the mountain of Montserrat is primarily a sacred place for many, many believers, and they are raised here to be closer to God and to speak with him.

The main treasure of the monastery - a wooden figure in the Romanesque style, depicting the Holy Mary of Montserrat (it is located in the basilica, above the main altar). It also receives thousands of residents of Catalonia and other believers to worship "Morenete" - so lovingly called Catalans Protecting the homeland

Gerona - the capital of the Catalan province of the same name, appeared at the site of ancient Romans and became in the Middle Ages an important strategic point.
Among the variety of historical sites and monuments must first mention the Cathedral and the old Jewish quarter. The Cathedral of Girona is the most beautiful monument of Baroque architecture in Catalonia. Its nave (23 feet wide and 35 high) - the widest in the world. Very beautiful altar with a silver zaaltarnym way the XIV century.

Salvador Dali Museum in Figueres - a famous museum-theater of the great masters of the genre of surrealist Salvador Dali. Visit the museum is best guided tour, which can be purchased from the guides at the hotel.

Besalú - a small picturesque town on the river Fluvia, who seems to have not changed since medieval times. Among the numerous monuments of antiquity is not the last place is amazingly beautiful Romanesque bridge 11 century.

Pals - a small town-fortress in northern Costa Brava, is the most beautiful medieval city of the province of Gerona. The observation
Pads breathtaking panorama of mountains and islands nearby Medes.

Tossa de Map - the most picturesque resort of Costa Brava, which stands on a rocky shore and well-preserved srednevekony fortress city, walking through that mozhsh not only witness the majestic city walls, but also admire the boundless sea.

One of the most favorite tourist walking route passes through the stone steps, gradually rising to the ancient citadel and on its narrow winding streets. From the top of the fortress offers splendid views of the sea and the surrounding area.

Cadaqués - a small town on the northern Costa Brava, located on the shore of the Gulf with the same name. The extraordinary beauty of local landscapes have long attracted the most famous bohemian, many of whom spend long time in Cadaqués, to replenish the source of his inspiration. A great pleasure to walk fabulous waterfront city, which formed a magnificent building, reflecting in the calm waves of the bay. This recognized the capital of Bohemia Costa Brava is a picturesque mountain road.

Medes Islands - Marine Reserve, consisting of six rocky islands near the coast of the port city of L 'Estartit. Due to the extraordinary beauty of the underwater world near the island nature reserve is a paradise length amateur scuba diving. Here lie and
Routes pleasureboat Nautilus with a transparent bottom.

On the islands of the archipelago live gulls, guillemot, cormorants and other seabirds. Banned fishing around the islands, there is usual a lot of fish, among the modest Mediterranean coral visible colored sea anemone. In the park go to the usual boat and glass bottom boat. The best underwater tour - catamaran Nautilus and Submarine Catalonia Subkat. They depart from the city L'Estartit.

Marineland - located in the vicinity of the resort Malgrat de Mar water park and zoo marine animals, which is accessible either directly or by purchasing a tour guide.

Waterworld - a large water park near the town of Lloret de Mar. To come to the park can be independently, although, of course, anyone can buy a tour from your guide at the hotel.

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