Seminar On Limitless Human Potential

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Seminar on "Limitless human potential", the disclosure of giperresursa brain

"in the normally developed human brain is 4%, with a genius - at 6-10% in those who develop giperresurs brain, it opens at 20%, and for a certain period of time may be involved in work and up to 30%.
Imagine what can a man whose brain is working at 30 %!"

"Know thyself, and thou shalt know the whole world !


The man has incredible ability, but they remain unclaimed. The volume coming into the world of information now doubles every 3 years, and the farther, the smaller the period! The human mind has no time not so much to grasp and handle, but even perceive the incoming information! The need for development is the survival of man and mankind.
Most logical in this situation to try to change themselves. And the real way to achieve this is to activate unused plots own brain, ie giperresursa in the development of the brain. There is no doubt that the person whose brain is not working for 3% -5%, as in the majority of people, and at least 10% -20%, has not only much greater adaptability, but also a powerful development ability.
It is well known that the right hemisphere of the brain associated with information events, which are in contact with the immaterial space. Do creative people it is highly developed. These people get their information from a single information field of the Earth. The left hemisphere is associated with material phenomena. If a violation of his work in our body there are various pathologies. From the harmonious functioning of both hemispheres depends on the degree of development of our consciousness and the whole body.

What is a seminar?


Education at a seminar held in the form of special innovative games, which lasted from 5 days at training bases in Russia and abroad. SEMINAR - a qualitatively new learning, a qualitatively new state, a qualitatively new development. The seminar is a unique phenomenon, because of the external manifestation of the ease is a great scientific work of universal significance. New methods and technologies for the most modern and sophisticated information allow all large scale development of the human mind, soul and body.

The workshop is a general improvement of the body, strengthening and development of vital forces. Students master the skills to manage energy exchange, and develop the ability to produce vital energy, develop inner strength, consciously use their own internal "light generator, which provides restoration of immunity and a powerful healing effect, a huge leap in the development of memory, reasoning and attention. The seminar included:

• develop skills of natural healing, range of sensitivity and disease prevention;

• The development of the ability to feel the energy of your body and manage their life force, makes it possible continuously to maintain an active state, which allows to learn - not tired;

• general health improvement, enhancement and increase the protective functions of the body - learn to be healthy;

• mastery of technology, counteracting the negative energy-informational influences: people, technology and environment;

• development of a new level of emotions and creative abilities;

• human organism acquires new protective properties and quality for
existence of an aggressive energy-environment.

Includes giperresurs brain, direct and biofeedback, there is a disclosure of internal and external vision. Students move to a new qualitative stage: begin work on the development of inner vision, with unique and natural abilities of the brain. Form a straight and biofeedback the brain and the human body. Are developing new types of memory (photographic, combinatorial, biokompyuternaya), skills of operating large flows of information, the ability to self-diagnosis and self-correction functions. Information is laid in the brain and stored without any load.


There is a further development and use of the phenomenal abilities.

1. Telepathy
- Mind-reading ("Connection")
- Impact on the distance (the spiritual care at a distance)
- Communication chelochek-man, man-animal, human-plant

2. Psychometric / Telemetry
- Reading memory inanimate matter (communication with the spirit world)

3. Regression
- Memories of the events of previous lives (reincarnation)

4. Sight

5. Psychokinesis / telekinesis
- Force effect and influence on the material objects
- Force effect and influence on the energy field

6. Levitation
- Removing the impact of gravity on people and objects
- Out of body projection
- Call the phenomenal abilities of the energy field

7. Materialization
- Creation of objects from "nothing"

8. Teleportation
- Moving subjects with no movement in space.

The workshop is built in a free format with situational, spontaneous, improvisational approach. Therefore, each seminar is an event, because it is built on the principle of minimax - with minimal cost to get the maximum result in the development and the result will be guaranteed.

At the heart of all technology workshop - developing creative factor necessary, ie development is realized on the basis of different kinds of arts: dance, poetry, genre, comedy, drama, etc.

The scientists almost unanimously agree that out of 100% innate abilities to them, on average, 3-5% mental and 15% physical - and even those in "full capacity". The reasons for this:

- Lack of close contact between body, soul and mind;
- Dormant intuitive abilities;
- "Thinking over" instead of, doubt, instead of knowledge;
- Confidence in his own weakness, the strength of "I can not, too lazy …

"Limitless human potential" - a seminar aimed at obtaining practical access to "hidden" features of the body, mind and soul, development of skills and mechanisms to manage them. These "sleepers" to lay in each person, their manifestation in modern humans is usually associated with extreme events, such as a threat to life, provoking the mobilization of domestic resources person. Everyone is familiar with instances where, feeling intense fear or another vivid and emotional experience (anger, rage), people make inaccessible, with the usual point of view, his physical strength behavior: three-meter jump over fences, and develop wind speed, raise the unbearable weight … And all of them ultimately attributed to the "heat of passion".
The power of suggestion, an accurate knowledge from childhood that "I" and that "I can not, restrictions, stereotypes imposed by social systems, thus perpetuate a man's" knowledge "about their own abilities. And everything that goes beyond the narrow circle of the usual constraints perceived as a miracle - a random, and hardly possible to repeat. In fact, "supervozmozhnosti" person - congenital and potentially incorporated in each.
What is the secret "no-boundary opportunities"? Over 80% of training time allocated to practical mastery of potential or latent abilities by using technology seminar.


- Removing barriers to success,
- Better relations with loved ones and business partners,
- To achieve understanding and harmony in relationships,
- Gaining confidence in the way of decision-making
- Faith in themselves and the disclosure of internal reserves of the organism,
- To provide opportunities for new choices in their lives,
- The ability to go from crisis (cat) situations,
- The newest technologies of healing the body and open the reserve forces of the body! Work is carried out in all directions: with bodily sensations and thoughts and emotions, to correct the disease process, to remove the causes of pathological changes in the body and transform them into life energy. Participants will be offered to technology improvement and rejuvenation of various countries and peoples of the world.
- Harnessing technology creative personality development, dance therapy, virtual real travel adventures, development and implementation of the fantasy draft of the future
- Basic skills formation and psychological qualities to achieve financial success,
- Develop their own intuition and abilities necessary to maintain high self-esteem, develop a sense of the way, the measures of time and space.
- You can change your life script.

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